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Posted on October 10 2013



Due to radical changes in Google’s algorithms, including many updates to Panda, as well as the introduction of Penguin changed the face of the orlando seo industry, thousands of websites have been affected. New algorithms force many SEOs to improve SEO service quality to adapt their tactics and strategies. Let’s look at the factors that govern SEO beyond these changes.
1. Quality of Content
As the quality and value of the content on many websites is coming down, Google has been very explicit this about good-quality content. Content quality should have got uniqueness, resourcefulness and information richness (i.e., no thin content)
2. Content Marketing
After changes, you have to generate more high quality content and make sure it gets published widely with ample social signals to generate important SEO value. It is more challenging. So a solid content marketing strategy will be the key in SEO.
3. AuthorRank
Google Authorship enables article writers to link their online content to their Google+ profile. It enables Google to credit the authors with the content. Google made important moves towards creating a new metric in which content could be ranked according to the author who created it.
AuthorRank add credibility and value to your website, and it will be vitally important for every webmaster.

4. Social Signals
Social signals have largely been accepted as valid ranking factors and will play a growing role. Shares, comments, retweets, mentions, +1s are trophies every webmaster should be amassing.
5. Localization
Google’s growing preference for local websites which include map data, listings, citations, and reviews on local information sites. Websites that apply local SEO will enjoy higher rankings and visibility.
6. Media
Images and videos have become major on the Internet. Media content is an important development you should pay attention. It’s essential to add relevant non-textual media to text content. This adds value and makes the content more resourceful.
After changing in Google’s algorithms, focusing on creating value for the reader should be the goal of any website. Increasing competition may require SEOs to enhance orlando seo service to assist your rise to the top on the rank. The tactics and strategies should be considered carefully.




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